Charles Capps and Peggy Capps


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048 Gods Provision for Healing - Part 2

In this episode, Charles Capps and Peggy Capps continue on the subject of God's provision for healing. Job 22:28 says to decree a thing and it shall be established to you, and light shall shine upon your path. When you decree a thing, it does something to you that it doesn't do to anyone else. Hearing your own voice proclaim what God said, it gets in you, it becomes a part of you. Over and over you say it and confess it. Peggy would confess the scriptures, she confessed them every day, even after the liver transplant. It's God's Word, it is spiritual law. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus was the Word personified and if we confess the Word long enough, it will be personified in you and it will change you from the inside out.