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53-3-1 Program 2003-01

BK 53-3-1 Program 2003-01. "To whom is the Scripture that you're reading addressed?" Is the Scripture addressed to Israel? Or, ...

53-3-2 Program 2003-02

BK 53-3-2 Program 2003-02. Religion is what mankind can do; visit the fatherless, the widows and the orphans and ...

53-3-3 Program 2003-03

BK 53-3-3 Program 2003-03. And remember that James is writing from the legalistic point of view of law-keeping.

53-3-4 Program 2003-04

BK 53-3-4 Program 2003-04. There's not that much difference between the Four Gospels and what you have back with James, ...